A new mask for the Emperor

Yes indeed: just mind to keep it on your mouth and nose only. Whilst for eyes you’d rather wear screens… so go DIY for head protection!
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Current snapshot: 8th October 2020

total active cases: 65,952, of whom 93,4% home isolated and 6% hospitalized.

Admitted to ITU: 358. That is 0,5% of the whole active cases.

n° of deceased: 36 (that is 0,05% of the whole active cases)

“Repertoire snapshot” (6 months ago): 27th March

total active cases: 66414, of whom

49.6% home isolated and 46.5% hospitalized

Admitted to ITU: 3,732. That was 19.45% of the whole active cases.

n° of deceased: 969 (that was 2.8% of the whole active cases).

…more less as fast
as it used to walk
along our recent past…

W. Ricciardi et al: Investigating the impact of influenza on excess mortality in all ages in Italy during recent seasons (2013/14-2016/17 seasons)

A quick look to our slices

ITU “slice” now stably below 1%.

Home observation “slice” has consistently increased up to 93% of the whole positive cases.

Would that be related to promptness in diagnostics and therapeutics procedures?

Might the range of infected individuals have shifted towards categories with lesser risks for critical illnesses?

Could be severity viral load dependent? In other words: is that possibile that the whole prophylactic interventions and/or strategies (social distancing, PPE, isolation, lock-down etc) achieved a reduction of the viral load on exposed subjects?

May have the same prophylactic intervention and strategies reduced the probability to expose simultaneously our immune system to different haplotypes (variants)?

Or, has this pandemic now switched to a prevalent haplotype (variant) significantly less agressive, among those several known and unknown?

We are quite far from understanting and the truth remains uncertain. Would the possible explanation include a combination of different circumstances and factors?
Whilst proceeding with caution much room for our fears is left: though Fear vaccine has been available, somehow, for centuries…
Should we then get a rooster for Asklepio, at some point?

“fatti non foste a viver come bruti
ma per seguir virtute e conoscenza”

(“for ye were not created to lead the life of stupid animals, but manliness and knowledge to pursue”)
Commedia – Inf.: C. XXVI, v. 119. Dante Alighieri


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